When confronted with divorce, custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and other family law-related issues, it is never too early to seek legal advice and counsel to help you make good decisions for yourself and your family.

Jeffrey R. Arrigoni has more than 36 years of legal experience, assisting clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area in a full range of family law matters, from commencement through conclusion, including mediation, trials, and appeals. As a divorce lawyer, Mr. Arrigoni is very sensitive to his clients’ needs and concerns, but he is tough when it comes to protecting their rights and interests. To minimize emotional and financial strain on his clients, he works to settle cases whenever possible. If, however, litigation is necessary in any given situation, he is able and willing to go to trial, and has the experience to do so. Attempting to handle family law matters on your own can lead to significant problems down the road, including arrangements that are unfair, contrary to law, or that limit your ability to be self-sufficient. For more information about the legal services provided by the Arrigoni Law Office, please see our family law, divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, mediation, and FAQs pages. Our rates are very reasonable considering Mr. Arrigoni’s experience and the fees of other attorneys in the Woodbury area.

The Arrigoni Law Office handles all types of divorce cases from the filing of the petition through appeals before the Court of Appeals where necessary. Jeff has extensive experience in complicated and complex divorce matters involving business valuations and the distribution of business assets, complex real estate and property issues, and pension matters such as the division of 401 (K) plans and retirement benefits. The handling of non-marital property is equally as important as the division of marital property in a divorce, and Woodbury family law attorney Jeff Arrigoni is experienced in dealing with non-marital property issues, as well as child custody disputes, child support, and other subjects of the marital dissolution process. For people facing divorce, the Arrigoni Law Office can provide the legal support you need to come out of divorce strong and self-sufficient. Whether your divorce is amicable or contentious, we can help you in all related matters, including:

  • Spousal maintenance
  • Complex business valuations
  • Complicated property division of vast marital estates
  • Non-marital asset analysis
  • Domestic abuse
  • Orders for protection
  • Appeals

For more specific information about these issues, please see our divorce page.

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Divorce Attorney discusses Minnesota Divorce Law

The formal legal term for divorce in Minnesota is Dissolution of Marriage. Beyond entering a formal decree dissolving the marriage, a divorce court will also deal with diverse issues such as child custody, child support, spousal maintenance (alimony), the division of marital property, the award of non-marital property (assets brought into the marriage by one of the spouses), valuations of businesses, division of debt, and the division of pension and retirement plans. Resolving these questions in your best interest requires an experienced attorney who is familiar with Minnesota family law and the Minnesota Courts and does not have to spend substantial time doing research to assist you in strategizing and evaluating and handling these matters. Jeff Arrigoni is a Washington and Ramsey County divorce lawyer with 36 years of legal experience in the Minnesota courts. Jeff practices in family law and represents clients throughout the twin city area, including in Dakota County, Hennepin County, Anoka County, Scott County, Carver County, Chisago County, Pine County, Sherburne County, Isanti County, and Kanabec County.

It is difficult, if not impossible, in many instances to correct errors or decisions that have been made in a divorce proceeding by someone who has filed  the forms themselves once the divorce is finalized.  Once the final paperwork is submitted to the Court and signed off by a Judge, you may have waived your right to pursue potential relief. It is important that you obtain legal representation at the first sign that a divorce is imminent or will likely occur. Minnesota Family Law is a unique area of legal practice. It is not simple, but is instead filled with a vast array of Minnesota case law interpreting unique facts and circumstances. There are also unique formulas and long-standing precedent (prior case law) that are considered by the Court in dealing with issues such as spousal maintenance and non-marital assets, the calculation of child support, and the valuation of businesses, the division of pensions and retirement accounts, that require an experienced family law attorney.