Once issued, a divorce decree is generally considered to be a final order by the court. The same goes for domestic relations orders. However, there are many instances when an issue may be appealed to a higher court, such as when the lower court made a mistake in applying the law to the case. Such appeals are limited in their scope and often highly technical; Jeff Arrigoni is a former Staff Attorney with the Minnesota Court of Appeals who has decades of experience handling family law appeals and understands what it takes to properly preserve issues at trial, raise them on appeal, and argue convincingly for a correct application of the law. Under certain circumstances, a party may also return to court to request a modification of an order for spousal maintenance, child custody or support. The party requesting the change must be able to show that circumstances have changed which would justify a modification of the order. In order to secure a modification which would affect the children, such as removal to another jurisdiction, the requesting party must also be able to show that the modification is in the child’s best interest. Whether seeking or challenging a proposed modification, success depends on having a family law attorney in Woodbury who is experienced in Washington County divorce modification proceedings.