It is very important to obtain legal representation at the very beginning of any divorce proceeding, custody matter and/or paternity action. The decisions that are made early in the process and even shortly prior to the beginning of a divorce action can have a major impact on how the case is resolved, and can impact the Court’s decision as you are establishing a status quo and the Court may rely on what has been customary in deciding your case on several issues.

Decisions to move out of the house, visitation schedules established at the beginning of a case, or the exchange of monies at the beginning of a case and payments made to a spouse, can all have a major impact on the ultimate outcome in your case. It is essential that you consult and obtain legal representation and retain a Divorce Lawyer before you make these types of decisions in a divorce proceeding.

Competent family law attorneys also have resources that can be of great assistance in moving the case forward and getting it resolved in an expeditious manner. In divorce proceedings there often will be the need to obtain a real estate appraiser, tax professional, business valuation expert, or other experts to address and resolve matters such as pension valuation and division issues or analysis of non-marital property and it’s impact on the present marital estate. An experienced Washington and Ramsey County attorney who practices extensively in family law and mediation will know professionals who are reputable and competent to assist in dealing with these issues.

Jeff has experience in all counties in the metro area. It is impossible for even an experienced family law attorney to offer sound legal advice without first obtaining detailed information from you about your specific situation, and therefore, you should not rely on the general information referenced in this site in making decisions about your case.

You need to take the time to meet with a lawyer and discuss your specific fact situation to protect your rights and to safeguard your future. To speak with an experienced divorce lawyer near Maplewood, MN serving the entire St. Paul metro area, call Jeff Arrigoni at (651) 738-1400 for a free, 30-minute consultation.