Jeff Arrigoni was my attorney for my divorce in 1999-2000. He and his staff made my divorce experience thorough, fast, and easy.

My situation was pretty simple; no kids, and not a lot of valuables or estate issues to settle. We started the process, and in a matter of 6-7 months it was finalized. I was very happy how things progressed, and during the process there was always communication with him or his staff on details, and follow up questions to keep things moving along.

In the end, no divorce is fun, but when it is final, you want it to be final. There were no issues or points of contention after the divorce, meaning Jeff did a very thorough job with the details to prevent this.

– Aaron

Jeffrey walk me through my entire divorce what my options were and what he recommended.

He was professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and made himself available to me whenever I needed. I’m forever grateful for Jeffrey and his staff. Thanks Jeff

– Bradley

Divorce is always difficult. However, my divorce was more difficult than most. Think “All of My Children” meets “Days of Our Lives” laced with a touch of the surreal. In the not so recent past, I encountered a very complex situation that resulted in a lengthy, messy legal showdown. My wife and I toughed out this situation without a thought of actually splitting up. We had been married for many years and we were gold…or so I thought. As a consequence of the aforementioned lengthy legal showdown, I was briefly incarcerated for a little over two months. We both knew that incarceration was a possibility and we had prepared for my absence. I’ll never forget how she said she would stand by me “no matter what” as I left the house the morning of my sentencing. Perhaps you can imagine how I felt when three weeks into my sentence she arrived for a visit and told me that she had been in contact with a divorce attorney and that she wanted a divorce.

I did not know what to do. I never had imagined divorce in all the years I had been married. When I reached out via jailhouse phone to people in the know for a recommendation, they told me I needed a divorce lawyer and a good one at that! The first and only name they recommended was Jeffrey Arrigoni. He was called immediately and made arrangements to confer with me in jail. Mr. Arrigoni met me on numerous occasions in the jail even though it was quite a hassle to get in, overcome the numerous security protocols, and meet with a convict.

Jeff immediately put my mind at ease. He explained the legal procedures involved when a person is involved in my type of predicament without reverting to legal vernacular. The entire time that I was incarcerated Jeff met with me weekly–often multiple times a week–and treated me great respect and dignity. He made sure to communicate with the necessary people involved in my divorce outside of the jail to keep the significant parties “in the know”. Mr. Arrigoni went the extra mile and then some. I was treated as the educated, caring individual that I am and not as just another client or a person on the margins of society.

Upon my release, Jeff was in contact with me via phone, e-mail, and office consultations multiple times a week. There was always someone that would listen to my concerns, react to developments with the divorce, and just be there. My needs and concerns were always taken care of in a timely, professional manner and I always felt that I came first even though this is an attorney with a full case-load. Jeff Arrigoni used his astute legal skills to provide me with the best possible outcome from this divorce. If you find yourself confronting the specter of divorce do not hesitate to call Jeffrey Arrigoni. No matter what the details of the divorce may be, Arrigoni is the best.

– Anonymous

Jeff represented me through seven years of protracted trial and appellate court litigation. Despite my former spouse’s litigious demeanor, and the ten plus attorneys engaged during the divorce proceedings, Jeff legal skills and courtroom experience prevailed. I ultimately secured an equitable custody and property settlement.

– P.D.

I received an experienced, sensible, aggressive, professional approach, sensitive to family and changing law. The representation I received retained my rights, values and financial security and was one of my greatest-valued investments.

– P.A.

I could not have been more pleased with Mr. Arrigoni and his law office. They calmed my fears and took a lot of the stress of my legal situation off my shoulders, and when it came time for court Mr. Arrigoni was everything you could want in a lawyer. I would highly recommend Jeffrey Arrigoni Law Office. They were fantastic.

– A.P.

I want to thank you for all the work that you and your office have done for me. From the first consultation to the last finalizing, you and your staff made my experience smooth. You explained all of the steps in the process so there were no surprises. Your understanding of my situation and guidance was extremely comforting thru my process. Your honesty is to be commendable.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for family representation.

– L.S.

As a father, my major concern upon entering into a divorce was that I would be awarded the same parental rights as my spouse. Mr. Arrigoni fought hard for me, and I am happy to report that I was awarded joint custody of my children. I could not be happier with his representation.

– D.J.

Jeff has been my attorney for over 20 years. He has represented me in 2 divorces, and numerous family matters in Court, including Order for Protection matters. He is very experienced in the Court room. He has saved me a lot of money by understanding the laws. I would highly refer anyone to his office.

– T. C.

Jeffrey handled my divorce about 20 years ago. He would be my first choice if the need ever arises again. I have referred others who have needed family law help. Excellent lawyer.