Lack Of Employment Increases Probability of Divorce

In Fusion on August 1, 2016 Author, Taryn Hillin, noted that an extensive Harvard Study confirms that men who are not able to find employment or play the role of “breadwinner” are more likely to get divorced. It is noted that gender expectations on men and women influences relationships.

There are many issues that impact the stability of relationships and marriages. But a man’s failure to financially contribute or substantially assist with economic necessities of marital expenses has now taken a larger influence on the issues leading to divorce or relationship instability.

It appears obvious financial distress, lack of employment, or inability to pay marital expenses will cause stress and resentment in a spouse. With the slow growth of our economy and the increasing costs of housing, food, and healthcare it appears critical for men to substantially contribute to the financial obligations in the marriage.

If parties find themselves unable to overcome their financial difficulties or marital unhappiness through marital counseling or other religious or family support it is wise to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer or family law attorney before taking any rash action.